Crossroads is a caring community of believers, living in authentic relationships, impacting the Bronx and beyond with the Gospel message through Christ-likeness.  

Our worship is liturgical in nature. This means there's a rhythm to our service–a pattern that has been discovered rather than created by the church. The liturgy is a story we participate in. The story of community–created, broken, and restored. 

The Gathering points us back to God's gathering the people of Israel to himself. It also reminds us of God's gathering a people in Jesus Christ, symbolized in the calling of the twelve disciples. Lastly, it points forward to a day when God will gather all those who have not rejected his invitation. 

During the Word, the meaning of the biblical story unfolds week by week. The order signals that it is not grounded on the morning news or the book of the month but on the entire biblical narrative including the Creation and the Fall, the Exodus, the Captivity and return, the promise and then the Advent of the Messiah, the coming of the Holy Spirit, and the promise of the coming kingdom. 

The Sacrament helps us remember symbolically our theology and history as a people and the moment when Christ becomes present for us in a mysterious and remarkable way; the partaking of the bread and the cup. It is an outward sign of an invisible reality.