John The Baptist: An Advent Voice

One of the things an Advent voice of any kind does is confronts us with a message to tell us the truth about ourselves. John the Baptist was a confrontation waiting for people, calling them to repentance in preparation for a new age, a new exodus. The religious leaders didn’t get his message. But common people, tax collectors, Roman soldiers and even Herod took it seriously. You have to hear this. 

"Who Needs Church?"

When Paul wrote, “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works,” the first example that came to his mind was "to gather." There was no other way to love (agape). You can do “faith" alone. You might be able to do “hope" alone. But you can’t do "love" alone. You can, but that’s called narcissism. Pastor Joe address this current phenomenon: Believing in God, and reading His word, with no need for the physical, local church.  

Enough Is [Not] Enough

But when believers are convicted by the Holy Spirit of the wrongness of their condition, stuck in partial and temporal inadequacies they will begin to long for a more personal relationship with God, a more direct experience of His presence and power. Enough will not be enough anymore. This is when our walk needs to move beyond words, thoughts and feelings, beyond Christian one-liners, churchy rhetoric and catch phrases, beyond acronyms and into the second blessing.