"The Good Samaritan Reminds Me Of Hannibal Lecter"

When the enemy is loved in a story, you know you’re looking at good writing. "Silence Of The Lambs” accomplished this brilliantly and was awarded for it with Best Picture. The Good Samaritan is the enemy in the Lukan passage. But he becomes the model of Christian love more than the very Christians in the narrative. It’s a shocking story and Pastor Joe makes sure the sermon is equally as shocking. This is a dramatic retelling of the parable, placed in the current tensions of race, religion, and nationality.


You cannot shake down God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Not even on Pentecost Sunday. You can do what Jesus asked the disciples to do: Wait for it. Waiting as a lifestyle, not a checkbox event; Waiting as a state of constant expectancy, not as a one night vigil. It’s not so you and I can sing, “I Got it!” It’s so you and I can become an illuminated instrument, endued with power, to be His witnesses.

“In The Beginning Was The Word. Not the Bible."

People keep referring to Jesus as the word. He is. Well…sort of. Depends on which word you're referring to. Jesus is not your bible. Jesus is the logos. You’re bible is the graphe. The Incarnate One didn’t write it. But he would like to introduce you and I to its real author. But before you read the book, meet the author, the Teaching Spirit, the personal companion who wrote the written companion. Confused? Listen in.

A Load Of Crap…And A Shovel

The parable of the barren fig tree is nothing but a load of crap and a shovel that Jesus, the gardener,  uses with the intention and promise to apply the most energetic measures to stimulate the barren soul into fruitfulness. Jesus is working, making openings through loss, grief and even trials, whereby the elements of spiritual life, by the word and the Spirit, may reach their destination.


Jesus’ transformation was for us to behold so that we may also be transformed into the same image. This is called change. But if you are someone who doesn’t like change, you probably don’t like transformation either and that’s not gonna work. Pastor Joe would like to talk to you about this? Do have a few minutes?