Formative Prayer is an ancient, mystical and methodical approach to liturgical prayer and praise culminating at the Lord's Table. In addition to scripture, well worn paths from a received tradition are embraced in this gathering with the help of resources including the Book Of Common Prayer.

During Formative Prayer, you can expect to have all the senses engaged, in an incarnational way, as a means of grace including the aromas of fragrance, the sights of candles, the sounds of classic hymns, the feel of pages that contain the holy writ, and the tastes around the Lord's Table. 

There are no goals or expectations placed on God to perform for us, neither are there any placed on those who attend. We believe we are formed by the prayers we pray. Jesus knew this well and gave his disciples a prayer to pray; the Lord's Prayer. The apostles devoted themselves to "the prayers." 

We also confess what we believe during this hour, especially the mysteries of our faith. And while we may recite the Apostles Creed or the Nicene Creed, our deepest desire is to embody Jesus' creed; to love God and love one another.

"Formative Prayer is beautiful on so many levels. The repetition of scripture and common prayer words has a unifying affect in the body of Christ personally, locally and historically. The discipline of contemplation and meditation, much desired by me, is personal and yet inclusive. This intentional time of submission to our Savior is a piece of heaven here on earth." -NM

Wednesdays at 12 Noon